#1 Mississauga Salsa Lesson Level 5+  | Toronto’s Intermediate Salsa Classes

Intermediate Salsa Class Level. You will learn the following: In our custom, specifically designed dance syllabus teaching material, where success and satisfaction guaranteed.

  • No partner required.
  • Students who have completed levels 1to 4 courses may join this course, or for students who have taken at least 24 salsa dance lessons.

*** THE LATIN ENERGY INTERMEDIATE SALSA DANCE LEVEL CLASS SYLLABUS changes every week, we never repeat a move!  Our instructors travel internationally and work hard to stay up to date with the latest moves to bring back to Toronto and teach our students the current and best SALSA moves!  You may stay in this course for as long as you wish to learn the current and best moves out there.

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6 weeks course cost $84.95 + tax = $96 per person.


This course is also available through private lessons.  Contact us to book your private here >


July 20 @ 20:40

8:40 pm

– 9:25 pm


895 Rangeview Rd, Mississauga, ON L5E

1. Vanesa Stay, 2. Mark K