#1 Mississauga’s Salsa Beginner Classes

Beginner Salsa Level 2 Course

  • No partner required.
  • Students who have completed Level 1 and already know the basic steps & turns may join our level 2 even if you did your level 1 at another school.


6 weeks course cost $84.95 + tax = $96 per person.

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 Salsa Dance Lesson for Level 2


  • Salsa Cross Body Lead with inside turn (Ladies Left Turn – LT)
  • Salsa Lessons with Double hand hold turns (Basic with outside turn (in double hand hold) followed by Cross Body Lead with inside turn) finish with basic forward back.
  • WEEK 2: CBL into RCBL (Reversed Cross Body Lead) with outside “ladies right” traveling turn.
  • WEEK 3: Sombrero (Pretzel) start with combo turn, cross connection (left hand on top) CBL inside turn, basic with right turn into sombrero, finish with CBL.
  • WEEK 4: REVIEW & FUN Surprise class! During this class you will learn dance etiquette as we replicate the feeling of dancing socially + a surprise!
  • WEEK 5: Salsa Cuddle wrap (exit with men’s right hand turn)
  • WEEK 6: Salsa Traveling Hammerlock using RCBL (break back, forward or back on 5 for men) exit with double left turn for ladies.

August 22 @ 20:40

8:40 pm

– 9:25 pm


895 Rangeview Rd, Mississauga, ON L5E

2. Mark K, 3. Vanessa G, 4. Leo S – Assistant, 5. Roger R, Natalie Q