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Latin Salsa Mix for Kids Mississauga | Kids Salsa Dance Lessons West End Toronto

Parents! This is the opportunity to get your kids involved in a healthy, fun and challenging activity!!! Bring your kids down and we’ll teach them the basics of salsa, bachata, merengue.

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Kids dance Latin salsa toronto

Here are some of the benefits for kids who learn salsa:

  • Builds endurance and stamina, creativity & self-esteem
  • Develops co-ordination of mind and muscle
  • Encourages good poise, regardless of age
  • Promotes confidence and self-assurance
  • Thorough way to exercise
  • Is a great social asset which will help them during the difficult teen years and into adult-hood

We also offer private or semi-private kids lessons for social dancing or competitive learning.

Latin Energy Supper Starts

Below you may watch Jenalyn & Raymond dancing salsa at the Miami World Latin Dance Cup.

They started training with Latin Energy in 2005 and they are now 2 times World Salsa Junior Champions.

Jenalyn started at the age of 5 and Raymond, her brother was 7.

They are now 15 and 17 years old, Pro Dancers, and they travel and teach all over the world!


Learning to dance is a very important part of a child’s growth just like math and science.

Kids can use what they learn through dancing as a way to express their feelings and communicate with their body.



(ages 5-12)
TUESDAYS at 7:00 PM to 7:45 PM

LOCATION: 895 Rangeview Rd. Mississauga L5E 1H1

Latin Kids Salsa mississauga