Terms and Conditions

Liability Waiver:

I will not hold Latin Energy Inc. or any of its associations accountable for any injury or accident that occurs in or around Latin Energy Dance
Studios / Oplenac, Serbian Cultural Association 895 Rangeview Rd.Mississauga, ON L5E 1H1 and or 118 Seventh St. Etobicoke ON M8V 3B4.

I agree that children are not to be left unattended at the studio unless within the hours of their appointed dance class.

* IMPORTANT * Please note that group classes are non-refundable. Please attend all lessons in the package. If you’re going to miss a class, you must send an email to notify the teacher in advance. Without notice, there will be no credit for previous missed classes.Please note there are no refunds available.

Group Lessons

When registering for a group course, please view the dates and make sure you can attend all lessons in the course. Lessons missed may not be made up during other courses unless a special arrangement is made with the instructor in advance.

Private Lessons

When purchasing a package of private lessons, please note that all packages expire 1 year from the start date, regardless of lessons activity. If the student is unable to continue with the lessons purchased, he/she may transfer the package to someone else.

Private Lesson Cancellation Policy:

A 24 hour cancellation notice is required. If the student misses a private lesson without the 24hr notice, there will be a $25 cancellation fee charged.


Latin Energy will be happy to provide customers with a company credit that can be used within 6 months when a student is physically unable to attend class. Please note there are no refunds available.

I have read and agree to comply with the policies set forth by Latin
Energy Inc.