New Salsa Teacher Training (6 hours)" />

Salsa Teacher Training

$300.00 Plus TAX 13%

New Salsa Teacher Training (6 hours)


*** New Salsa Teacher Training (6 hours)

SATURDAY SEPT. 22, 2018 – 10 am

Beginner Salsa  

Cost $50 /hr Total $300

Location TBD Etobicoke / Mississauga

This course is meant for dancers who would like to teach others to dance or for ladies who wish to learn to lead or leaders who wish to learn to follow.   

There are many benefits for taking this course even if you never plan to teach.

In this course you will learn the proper technique to break down the leader and follower steps, smooth leading skills, body isolation and proper following skills.  

You will learn the the difference on how to run a private class vs a group class vs a workshop.  

You will learn the proper way to speak and correct students.  

You will receive material to study and videos to review.

You will receive a certificate of attendance to the course.
After you take this information home and study, you may book an exam date with Vanesa Stay to receive your real “Teacher Certification” .  
You will require an average of 80% or above to pass the test.
Those who pass the certification may have a chance to teach at Latin Energy Dance School.


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