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The #1 Salsa classes Mississauga offers the best Latin Salsa dancing experience, Latin Energy Dance Company with over 15 years of excellence serving local and international Latin dance communicates, has established #1 Latin Dance School in Mississauga and  well recognized World wide. We offer a wide-range of services including all levels of Latin Salsa dance classes

Mississauga Dance Classes  | #1 Dance Salsa Classes Mississauga | Top Dancing Salsa Classes Mississauga Schedule

#1 Latin Dance Classes Mississauga – New York On2 Style

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For 15 years in Mississauga teaching best Latin dance classes to all levels our World Latin dance classes syllabus, Latin Energy’s Programs have enabled  beginners Salsa students in Mississauga

Salsa Dance Classes Mississauga | Latin Dance Mississauga Salsa Classes | Mississauga Latin Dance Salsa Lessons | Latin Dance Specialty Group Workshop


Latin Energy locate in Mississauga and brings together expert instructors and passionate Salsa dancers students to create unique Latin Salsa dance experiences in Mississauga Salsa dance community. Join us at our next event! Wherever you are on your Salsa journey, we are here to Dance Salsa with you. Our purpose is to bring your Salsa level up, aspiring Bachateros in the Mississauga Salsa community.

Salsa dance classes Mississauga

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The #1 Salsa Classes / Salsa Lessons – Mississauga Dance Salsa School

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